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Tools for efficient API development

We build intelligent automation tools for the whole API lifecycle, from design to deployment and maintenance.

API designer

A toolbox with proven design patterns, applicable without writing code.

API versioning

Automatic detection of breaking changes when introducing updates to your APIs.


Well documented API and Java Spring Boot implementation, automatically generated and ready to be deployed.

Cloud ready

The Spring Boot application comes with Docker support for easy cloud deployment.

No vendor lock-in

The API implementation is based on Spring framework technologies. There is no vendor lock-in, and you are free to modify the code base as you desire.

Future proof

The Spring Boot application is built on an extensible architecture and is automatically generated, making it possible to regenerate the application at any time.

Want to understand how our tools works behind the scenes?

Read our introduction to get a short presentation of what tools we provide.


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About Zuunr

Zuunr (pronounced “sooner”) was founded in 2017. Since then our goal is to make API development easy and fast by providing automation tools.

We are bootstrapping and fund product development by consulting and by doing  joint projects with customers. So far our tools have proven to be effective both internally at Zuunr and in customer projects. Now we are working to make our tools publicly available.

We are located in Stockholm and we enjoy digging into any aspect of APIs. If you want help to form an API strategy, building microservices or just have a chat about REST, GraphQL or API security, do not hesitate to contact us.

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